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Priya Rangnekar


Designer Priya Rangnekar got her start in the jewelry world from the fashion industry. From a very young age, she always had a keen sense of style and was always pairing things together. She used her gifts for a successful career in clothing design both in the United States and abroad. From her passion for fashion, she turned to the world of jewelry to be able to fully express herself.


The precious metals and healing stones that are used in Priya's work are inspired by her love for the natural beauty found in the world. The delicate details of each piece are what set the Prina Jewelry apart from others. Her collection is eclectic without being eccentric.


Priya's personal philosophy is that jewelry should bring out a person's inner beauty and make them feel good about themselves. "I believe jewelry can be a powerful way to express how you feel on the inside, on the outside," she says. "Since my jewelry collection consists of mostly one-of-a-kind pieces, there is truly something for everybody."

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